Welcome to the Tyler Sain Evangelistic Association!
We are glad that you are here!

Our ministry is for the glory of GOD, for the souls of people and for the good of others!

By the HOLY SPIRIT, we have a very clear vision.

Our mission is to share the Good News of the LORD JESUS CHRIST throughout America and other nations of the world so that many precious men, women, boys, and girls may give their lives to JESUS!

First, we hold Evangelistic and Revival Meetings in Churches and various Venues where people are saved, healed, set free, baptized with the HOLY SPIRIT and Fire, and then set apart for what GOD has called them to do! We also partner with Churches and Ministries.

Secondly, we train believers to share the Gospel everywhere GOD sends them by the working of the HOLY SPIRIT! We have clear teaching on Evangelism, Prayer and the Holy Spirit. We do this in day Meetings, Conferences and through Media platforms.

We desire to share the Gospel of the LORD JESUS CHRIST with as many people as possible, in as many ways as possible, and in as many places as possible - as we are led by the HOLY SPIRIT! There are so many hurting people throughout the world. The answer will always be JESUS!

We believe that GOD is sending another Great Spiritual Awakening where many precious souls will be brought into the Kingdom of GOD and in loving relationship with our LORD JESUS CHRIST!

Thank you for partnering with us for a great harvest of souls and another Great Spiritual Awakening! GOD bless you and your family abundantly!

With JESUS for us - the Best is yet to come!

Evangelist Tyler Sain